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Hello my sweet friend! I am so excited for both of us that you landed on this page. If you are a woman flying solo and have been searching for a safe place to land and a great place to take off, guess what! You’re in the right place, and I’ve been waiting for you.

Just like you, I have a story. I’ve grown to embrace my story because it makes me the woman I am today and helps form the woman I hope to be tomorrow (you know, someday when I grow up…NOT!). But this wasn’t always the case, here, let me give you the Readers Digest version- do you have a few minutes? I’ll even wait while you go warm up your coffee.

It was April, 2012 when I became unexpectedly single, or as some refer to it “widowed” I absolutely hate that word. I was confused because widows aren’t supposed to be in their 40’s, right? I felt numb and hadn’t a clue what I was supposed to do next.

You see, after being home for 10 years, to raise our cherubs, I had just re-entered the workforce so my husband could finally pursue his dream of flipping houses. We were a blended family with four kids; two in college, one just graduating college, and one planning a wedding in the fall.

There I was faced with college tuitions, a wedding to plan, three unfinished houses to flip, a couple of rentals to manage, and a supersized garage full of engines, gadgets, and things that required oil which I had no idea how to keep running. Oh yeah! Not to mention an airplane locked up at a little county airport inside Hangar #6.

So I did the only thing I had the energy to do, I crawled in bed, pulled the covers over my head and stayed there for the next two years. You could always find me in one of two places, work or bed. Those two years were quite a journey, but I’ll have to tell you about that some other time because I promised to give you the Reader’s Digest version.

Finally, the day came when I decided I was going to “LIVE” this life and not just merely exist. That’s when I discovered the problem. If I was really going to do this “living” thing I was going to need help figuring out all the new hats I had to wear.

I searched and searched for just the right thing. I would find a few websites that had some great “starting over” tips but they were definitely NOT God’s plan; then I’d find a few more that seemed to reflect God’s plan but everything from the tone of the writing to the artwork was way too solemn. I guess I was looking for the impossible,

I wanted a one stop shopping type of website that helped me figure out everything from changing out a sprinkler head, to what the trending hairstyles are, how to organize my home, my life, my soul. And if it’s not too much to ask could you package it in between stories with laughter and hope?

And that’s when it hit me. Why not take a leap of faith and create a website that acts as sort of a resource center for all the things mentioned above!

The purpose of Hangar 6 is not to glorify aviation, but rather, to glorify God and encourage women to live their best life!

I’ve sure never done anything like this before but I’m excited to see what God has planned. So, welcome Darling! Let the adventure begin!

Wheels up,

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1. Soooo, what’s up with the whole airplane theme?

That’s a very good question, and a great pun too! I might add. So I’ll tell you what’s “UP” with the airplanes LOL.

I’ve lived around pilots my whole life. While growing up, my dad was a pilot/airplane salesman. Many a vacation was planned around delivering an airplane to the anxious customer. I guess I thought everybody did that. To this day I love the smell of a new airplane, it’s like going home.

Later on I married a pilot and now my youngest son is a pilot. As if that isn’t enough, I live on a runway!

“I love the thrill of adventure you get with flying. What a rush, to fly just above the clouds – it’s like heaven is just an arm’s length away.”


2. But why “Hangar 6?”

My husband always kept his airplane at a little county airport in hangar #6. Most people camp at the lake, not us! We used to pack up the kids and the camper and spend the whole weekend in front of Hangar #6.

It wasn’t just a “hangar” to us, it was a place to entertain, play, fly, meet new people, and just get away from the hustle and bustle of life (Just like this website).

Oh, and one added bonus, there was no cell phone coverage!

Now that my husband is gone, his airplane has been passed down to my youngest son, and he is now carrying on the tradition of hangar # 6. If you call ahead there’s a pretty good chance a brat and a chair with your name on it will be waiting.


3. What exactly is your vision for Hangar 6, the ministry?

I absolutely love to answer this question because I am so excited to have something to offer widows, and single women that I would have loved to have had, when my journey began.

Twice I have found myself “unexpectedly single” and both times I could not have survived without two things: a sense of humor, and my relationship with God.

I truly believe that God wants you and me to live boldly (aka fly), and not just merely exist.

My vision for Hangar 6 ministries is for widows and single women to use it as a resource center, and community.

This website “hangars” my blog, which will shed light on the lighter side of life, and devotional thoughts to keep you encouraged each and every week. My podcast (coming soon) will be interview based. We will cover everything from health/beauty, diet/exercise, financial planning, dating, decorating small spaces, how to winterize you home, your car, your life… anything and everything that enhances the life of a “woman flying solo.” Empowering us to stay independent, healthy, and happy in a Christ centered community. Sort of like a virtual coffee shop, minus the aroma and 500 calorie double chocolate muffin (Aaaand a 3 yr old screaming at table 5).


4. I notice you always refer to “widows” and “ single women” separately not just “single women”, aren’t they one in the same?

I’ve been both and I can tell you, no, they are not the same, and here’s why.

If you are “single” it’s either because you choose to be, you’re waiting for Mr. Right to come along and sweep you off your feet, or you had a marriage that ended.

If you are a “widow”, your experience is totally different. You weren’t done yet! You still love your husband, he still loved you! The day he left this earth, you had no control over it and no one asked your permission. You are here! you are alive! You must now create your new “normal”.

Neither group is better or worse their journey’s are just different.


5. What qualifies you to take on this venture?

Absolutely nothing! It’s sort of a twist of fate that my lack of qualification actually makes me “qualified.” Don’t you see that throughout history God seems to always call on the least likely, most “unqualified” people to do His works?

So I proudly display my doctorate degree from the “School of Hard Knocks.”

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