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Archive for July 2018

Part Two: The Not So Sweet Truth About Sugar

Like fingernails dragging across the blackboard I literally cringe when I hear this conversation take place, and it’s usually while standing in a line at a potluck.   At least one woman in the group will inevitably say, (with donut in hand) “I don’t know what’s wrong with me I just can’t seem to keep…

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Part One: The Not So Sweet Truth About Sugar

The single woman. She is brave, she is courageous, she is wise, she is responsible for her own health choices. Her health is her independence.   One of my earliest memories I have as a child is laying under my bed with a pink plastic Easter pail filled with foil wrapped chocolate bunnies quietly poking…

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Pack Like a Pro

I HATE packing!!! It never fails, I swear! Something essential always gets left behind; hang up clothes, makeup, comfortable shoes, my camera, medication, etc…  Just last weekend I took a trip and forgot my toothbrush, and deodorant. Can I just say, bad packing can cut into your social life 😉.   I used to think…

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