7 Top Fashion Trends for Fall/Winter


I LOVE FALL!!!! I love the décor,  the multi colored leaves lining the blue sky, the recipes, and the crisp autumn breeze that carries the smell of fireplaces burning. I get goosebumps just thinking about it 😊.

It’s also a great time to see what styles are trending. I just returned from the runways of Milan and fashion week in NYC (then the alarm went off. IT WAS ONLY A DREAM!)

However, I have spent the past week combing websites, blogs, and magazines to compile a few quick trends to share with you so you can look smok’n hot during the holidays. And who doesn’t want to look smok’n hot? Right!

Now, stay with me here- don’t roll your eyes and click off the page just yet. I get that you may have some body issues (don’t we all?), you might even believe you’re too old to be fashion forward (pah! I say), or you’re thinking, “I really don’t care about that stuff.”

Well, once in a blue moon we get a season that is totally user friendly and guess what! Fall 2019 is it!!! TA DAH!

So, check out this season’s fashion trends and let me know what you think.

According to my vast and unpaid field research I have ascertained the theme this season is- THE 70’S ARE CALLING AND I MUST GO…

PLAID EXPLOSION – Beam me up Scottish! Ye ‘ol plaids are taking over! Everything from blanket scarves/ponchos, shoes, tops, belts, jackets, pants – you get the idea. Some designers are even experimenting with multi colored plaids and throwing in a little herringbone for interest.

What I love about this trend is it can be dressed up or down, and it doesn’t look too youthful or matronly – it’s just right.

ANIMAL PRINT Zebras and tigers and snakes oh my! Mix them, match them wear them head to toe it’s all fabulous! This year top designers are answering the call of the wild. It’s a jungle out there, cupcake! 

Can’t you see an LBD (Little Black Dress) paired with some cheetah pumps? Did you just hear an angel sing? Me too!

Animal print is the new neutral which means it goes with anything!

PANTONE COLORS OF THE YEAR Autumn 2019/Winter 2020

While ultra violet is the top color for fashion and décor you still have a lot of other top- notch options if purple isn’t speaking to you. (see #4)

FUCHSIAWear it head to toe or a little for a pop of color. This color is just plain happy! It’s like wearing a smile, need I say more?

One designer said pairing it with a deep forest green is spectacular! I never thought of that, but who am I to challenge “SPECTACULAR!

WESTERN FLAIR – Add a little fringe to your jacket, boots, purse, etc… just remember a little goes a long way. Pick one thing to fringe and you’re well on you way to the perfect ensemble.


I know, I know, we’ve all made fashion mistakes in the past. The best way to combat fashion fear is to get back on that horse again. Okay, I’ll rein it in now – bit by bit. LOL sorry. I’ll stop now. I’m just not stable! Okay, seriously, I’m done!

Meanwhile…. back at the ranch…

SPARKLE/SHINERemember Glen Campbell’s song Rhinestone Cowboy or the Bedazzler? If you said yes then you for sure remember the disco days!

“Foiled again!” Some runways showed foil fabrics (like the holograms) and some showed diamond studded items so I’m just going to say this fall “never let anyone dull your sparkle.”

So, grab your clackers, platform shoes, and bring out the shine!

LEATHER- You heard me! Leather pants or wrap skirts are very popular this fall/winter. If you’re not a Rockstar or Cat Woman check out the faux leather options, one of them being from the Spanx line (sign me up!) or you may feel more comfortable wearing accent leathers, like leather inlays on a sweater and such.

OVERSIZED COATSIt’s the biggest cover-up ever! Seriously! The bigger the coat the better. Think, what would it look like if I wore my dad’s coat? I KNOW! Hey, I’m just the messenger.

So, what do you think? Easy peasy right? I think these eight trends can be modified to fit any body type or age.

So, there you have it! Go forth, shop, let your options multiply 😉

While fashion IS fun always remember at the end of the day it’s really what’s inside that counts.

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”

                                                -Coco Chanel

Which trend do you like best?

You know I love you!

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  1. Robin on November 2, 2019 at 8:18 am

    Didn’t know about the plaids! I love plaid!

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